Whilst high academic accomplishment is the main concern, the school aspires to build a `society` of well rounded individuals, where a spirit of collaboration and reciprocated admiration stays alive amongst the scholars and educators. The school organizes many activities throughout the year where traits such as leadership and self-discipline are inculcated and there is stress on the individuals‘s logical and emotional growth. The students participate in awareness programs i.e. visits to monuments, Science Park, Public libraries, museum, yoga classes, and so on. A number of sports are played in the school and give the students an opportunity to express their individual talent. Drama, visual and performing arts, music and literary activities form a significant part of the curriculum.


The school is located at Plot No. SPL – 224, Industrial Area, Ajmer Road (Ext.), Phase – II , Jaipur.


The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

Aims & Objectives

  • To develop communication skills, leadership qualities and life skills.
  • To provide a protected and caring setting in which to teach its students and prepare them for their return to conventional learning.
  • To maintain a high amount of restraint and self –discipline.
  • To help students develop confidence in their ability to access and succeed in education.
  • To give the learners access to a broad and balanced curriculum including prescribed curriculum, social, health and cultural education.

MPS Ajmer Road is not just a school; it’s a way of life. A strength that inculcates consciousness in a child’s life every day on MPS campus. We strongly believe and trust in the strength of knowledge, cultural richness, team spirit and in service of the society.